April 13, 2017

Tim Cossey

Mr. Cossey has been involved coaching, consulting and educating individuals since 1997 and his career has spanned the Insurance, Mortgage and Real Estate Industries.

Originally from Arkansas, Mr. Cossey served in the armed forces in Navy’s submarine force from 1990 to 1994. Mr. Cossey has a huge penchant for helping military veterans achieving financial success once they enter the civilian world.

Aside from having a brilliant career and service record, Mr. Cossey is a family man and always gave back to the community through his volunteerism as a soccer coach while in the military and in the community of Venice Florida youth leagues where his son grew up.

Mr. Cossey has been investing and teaching real estate investment to clients from all walks of life for the past 12 years. As the Director of Education for the MBN Group of Companies, Mr Cossey is dedicated to help every client of MBN to attain their respective goals. He provides them with the resources, networks, and education that MBN has to offer in guiding them towards their success. He is excited in the growth of the MBN organization and the prosperity of our clients and instilling a mindset that encompasses the building of wealth through real estate.