January 6, 2017

Sylas Jones

Sylas Jones is a Native of Sarasota and surrounding rural areas. He grew up on a hobby farm within sticking distance of Sarasota proper and was able to experience both worlds of the newer Metropolis of Sarasota proper and the agricultural roots from which it originated.

Sylas completed most of his education in Sarasota and is presently completing his Bachelors in Finance with a minor in Spanish. He chose this line of education in order to set himself apart in the real estate field. Most buyers today are using some form of finance to complete their residential, commercial and business acquisitions. Having an acute understanding of the financial obstacles and the solutions puts Sylas in a unique position to be a core advisor to his clients.

Mr. Jones intends to remain in Sarasota to serve and develop the community through his involvement in youth programs and as a volunteer sponsor for disadvantaged youth including the Big Brothers organization.

Sylas is a strong believer in higher education and will continue to pursue higher learning that supports his real estate career. Setting yourself apart from the crown as a knowledge source can only act as a tremendous resource for his clients. Mr. Jones plans on focusing his real estate career on investment property, commercial property and business brokering.