January 10, 2017

Construction & Renovation

MBN Realty Professionals have assisted homeowners and investors more times than you can count with renovations and remodeling of properties whether it was for their own use or for resale (fix and flip).

We take great pride in referring trusted contractors to our clients and members to perform high quality workmanship on their respective projects.

Often, a property in the perfect location has some age behind it or requires some cosmetic and structural attention to bring it into modern standard or to correct a deficiency. However, once these fixes take place it could be your perfect property. MBN Realty Professionals have been involved in hundreds of these types of projects over the years and we truly understand how to assess and correct most of these hiccups. You will be able to solidly rely upon our trades to provide high quality work and address any concerns and issues and in most cases, attend to these issues at a cost well below your budget.

At MBN Realty Professionals, we take pride in going beyond your expectations of a typical Real Estate brokerage and assist you wherever and whenever we are able.