January 10, 2017

Coaching & Mentoring

Often purchasing or selling a home are the largest transactions a typical person performs in their lifetime. MBN Realty Professionals are here to guide, counsel, and steer you through these one time events. However, there is a much bigger picture out there. Many people are looking to Real Estate to be their primary focus because of its security and tangibility opposed to stocks, securities, and bonds.

In 2001, MBN was born out of the need to provide education services to Real Estate investors. Our mission is to educate, counsel, and guide our clients towards their maximum wealth. Thus, we created Millionaire Builders Network, Inc. An education company that sells education services consisting of hundreds of courses and topics and apply knowledge to the clients very own wealth plan.

Although our members come from all walks of life, they typically have one thing in common. They have decided to make a difference in their lives, they want more control over their futures, and they are eager to learn how that can happen. By assisting them with sound financial decisions they will create and build wealth for themselves and their families.

The Network in Millionaire Builders Network is not only about the team but it is a philosophy. We focus on putting a group of like minded people together to learn and prosper. We connect people to each other, to the market, and to their own possibilities.

Our business is to educate people on the principles of Real Estate investing. We teach our members and students how to understand the numbers. We help both beginner and advanced investors alike to move themselves forward. We teach you to run your investments like a business.

Our education program is affordably prices and can not only move you towards your dream of becoming financially free (aka,a millionaire) but at the very least create more wealth than you thought possible.